New members

Again CONIFA grew substantially during the last weeks. A total of 5 (!) new members joined us recently:

The Asian Federations of Ryukyu, Tibet, United Koreans in Japan and Uyghur are now new full members of CONIFA and are very much looking forward to meet our other teams on the football ground soon!

In Europe Transnistria joined us and will, after 25 years of independence, finally enter the international football stage!

We are very proud and happy that more and more teams express their will to be affiliated with CONIFA. The interest of the teams surely is a great sign of our success and is a huge compliment for our work.
We will keep doing our best to serve our growing number of members in the very best and we are very much looking forward to see our new members playing their initial matches hopefully soon!

CONIFA keeps growing! Lezghian FA approved as member.

flag flnkaThe CONIFA family keeps growing steadily and is able to welcome its latest member – the Lezghian Football Association representing Lezghians around the world!

The Lezghian People are a minority from Dagestan (Russia) and Northern Azerbaijan that are looking back to 2400 years of history.

However, they just started to organize themselves in terms of football recently and are hoping to have some first friendly matches in their home stadium in the stadium of Magaramkent (Dagestan, Russia), which serves as their home stadium. Besides that the team is eager to play in CONIFA tournaments as soon as possible and test themselves on the biggest possible stage!

Once again a warm welcome to our 28th member and our 5th Asian member!

Read more about our newest members and ways to contact them directly on their CONIFA member page.

Looking back and moving forward!

During the European Football Cup 2015 the Executive Committee of CONIFA sat together to recap the preparations for the tournament and to decide on the next steps towards a bright future. After some silence following the tournament we now want to publish our views on the visa refusals to two of our honorable members, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and in the same time we want to look with you on all the amazing things that await us in 2016!

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CONIFA visits Transnistria: “We are ready to start a great common journey with you”

The week just before the European Football Cup in Debrecen a CONIFA went on an official visit to Transnistria. Especially the future president of the Football Association, Evgheni Balaniuc, made it more than a pleasant trip. Our General Secretary, Sascha Düerkop, and our South America Director, Jens Jockel, were even welcomed by the Foreign and Sport Ministries of the country. “Football has a huge tradition in Transnistria and we are looking forward to express that with our own national team very soon.”

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ConIFA visits Nice

ConIFA member County of Nice celebrated the free Monday on 25.05.2015 with the “Journée de La Selecioun” (engl: Day of the national team). The celebrations started early in the morning with a kid’s tournament to find the Under-11 County champion and ended in the first ever home match of the current World Champion, the Nice national team, against their local sporting rivals and close friends from Monaco.

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