ConIFA European Football Cup draw


The groups for the maiden ConIFA European Football Cup 2015 taking place in Budapest, Hungary are drawn. FC Liverpool Legend Robbie Fowler and ConIFA European Director Alberto Rischio were chose to draw the teams into the 4 groups of 3. The full draw can be seen as it happened on the Isle of Man here: Manx TV

The whole drawing procedure was perfectly organized by the Manx International Football Alliance and the ConIFA vice-president Malcolm Blackburn. We want to thank both parties for creating a great memory for all ConIFA teams. We are absolutely delighted that Malcolm Blackburn and MIFA were able to win a legend like Robbie Fowler for this important draw and we want to thank Robbie Fowler for supporting us and acting as a ConIFA ambassador this way! Read the rest of this entry

European Football Cup 2015 ultimately moved to Budapest!

The ConIFA European Football Cup (EFC) 2015, the first ever European Championship of national teams outside FIFA, will be held in Budapest, Hungary.
Szekelyföld LE will act as a host and Dr. Kristof Wenczel will act as the head of the new organizing committee working on all details of the tournament. 

11069300_816543178416243_1859544070786058627_o Read the rest of this entry

European Football Cup restructured, games in London too

Due to the unexpected high number of travelling fans wishing to support their teams, ConIFA had to restructure the European Football Cup.  Read More

Seeding for the European Football Cup 2015

Now all 12 participants of the first ever European Football Cup are known we could update the ranking to determine the seeding for the tournament. Read More

European Football Cup: Padania 12th participant

In October we announced 11 participants for the European Football Cup. Now we can announce the 12th and last team: Padania. Read More


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