countea-de-nissa-300x300The Countea De Nissa Football Association was established in 2013. Without any game played before, La Selecioun became… the first ConIFA World Champion in 2014. In the quarter finals Countea De Nissa won against one of the top favorites, Padania. In the final they won against Ellan Vannin after a penalty shoot out. Countea De Nissa is looking to represent their cultural and historic region on a global stage, and want to promote the local talents through their FA.

The County of Nice is a historic region within Southern France. From 1388 to 1860 the region belonged to the Piedmontese-Sardinian state and was then annexed by France. From historical days on the region is the surrounding area of its capital Nice and the County has an own culture, history and even a threatened own language called Nicard.


F: La Selecioun
T: @LaSelecioun


02/06/14  Ellan Vannin – Countea De Nissa 4-2
03/06/14  Nagorno Karabakh – Countea De Nissa 0-1
04/06/14  Padania – Countea De Nissa 1-2
06/06/14  Countea De Nissa – South – Ossetia 3-0
08/06/14  Countea De Nissa – Ellan Vannin 0-0 (5-3)