Monaco LogoThe Monaco Football Association (MFA) was established in April 2000. Monaco is one of only 9 UN member nations who are not a member of FIFA. In the first VIVA World Cup 2006 they needed just a single win over Occitania to advance to the final, which they lost against Sapmi. In april 2014 they played a friendly against Ellan Vannin, which they lost 10-0. They play a lot of friendly games, regularly  against Occitania and Vatican City.

Monaco is a small principality and city-state located in the French Riviera. It is bordered by France on three sides and the fourth one borders the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest nation in the world (following Vatican City) and the most densily populated one.


F: Monaco Football Association


06/04/14  Ellan Vannin – Monaco 10-0
10/05/14  Vatican City – Monaco 0-2