logo flnkaThe Lezghian Football Association was founded in 2015, and represents Lezghian People from all around the world. The FA is managed by the Federal Lezghin National and Cultural Autonomy (FLNKA), which is a long-time member of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). The FLNKA is governed from Moscow, but is mainly active for Lezghian People in Dagestan (Russia) and Northern Azerbaijan and does have offices in Derbent, close to the Dagestan/Azerbaijan border.
Even though the FLNKA looks back to a long organizational history and did arrange local footballs for years they never fielded a Lezghian national team so far.

Lezghia, the border region of Azerbaijan and Dagestan, does have approximately 700.000 Lezghian inhabitants and another 300.000 Lezghian People are believed to live in diaspora, mainly in Russia and other former CIS countries.Even those Lezghians never set up an own geographical and political entity they are a huge ethnicity very distinct, historically and culturally, to their neighbors and thus do have a good reason to celebrate themselves and their rich culture on and off the field with their own national team.


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