Szekelyföld LE newest ConIFA member

We have a new member: Szekelyföld LE officially joined ConIFA this week. Read More

The 1st European Football Cup will be hosted by MIFA on the Isle of Man

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The ConIFA Executive Committee unanimously decided to let Manx International Football Alliance (MIFA) host the ConIFA European Football Cup. The EFC will be played in June 2015 on the Isle of Man. Read More

MIFA: “Very proud to organize the 1st European Football Cup”

Proud and happy. That’s how they feel on the Isle of Man, being the hosts of the ConIFA European Football Cup in 2015. Read More

Three FAs apply to host the European Football Cup ’15

In 2015 we will organize our first European Football Cup. Three members applied to host the Tournament: Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh and Ellan Vannin. Read More

Occitania announces friendly against Sorbia

Our member Occitania announces a new friendly. They will play against Sorbia on friday the 3th of October.  Read More


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