United Koreans in Japan

F.C._Korea_logoThe United Korean Football Association in Japan (UKFAJ) was founded 2015 and is lead by Mr Chong Gyong Ri. The team is a “spin off” of the club “FC Korea”, that plays in the Japanese football league system and consists of only Korean players. Due to the fact that all players belong to the Korean minority in Japan, the club is not allowed to go further up in the League pyramid and thus is looking for a new challenge, which it found in CONIFA.

The United Koreans in Japan, sometimes also called “Zainichi Koreans”, are the biggest minority in Japan today. Both, North and South Koreans, are part of this often discriminated diaspora minority. Most Koreans in Japan came to Japan in the early 20st century and are now living in Japan often in their 3rd or 4th generation. The approximately 900.000 “Zainichis” where, however, never assimilated, but are still considered “foreigners” in Japan. Many Koreans in Japan speak a language that is neither South nor Northern Korean, but is often referred to as “Zainichi Korean”.


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