The Occitania national football team was established in 2004. They ended 7th at the ConIFA World Football Cup 2014. In Sweden no team could win against them during the 90 minutes. Before the WFC Occitania played numerous friendly matches, and competed in 4 VIVA World Cups and 2 Europedea Tournaments. They won the Tynwald Hill International Tournament on the Isle of Man in 2013.

Occitania, also lo Pais d’Òcs, is the given name to the areas of Italy, France and Spain where the Occitan language is spoken. In the historical region in southern Europe Occitian is sometimes still used, for the most part as a second language. Occitania has been recognized as a lingustic and cultural concept since the Middle Ages, but has never been a legal nor a political entity under this name.


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01/06/14  Abkhazia – Occitania 1-1
03/06/14  Occitania – Sapmi 1-0
04/06/14  Aremeans Suryoye – Occitania 0-0 (7-6)
05/06/14  Occitania – Kurdistan 2-2 (4-5)
07/06/14  Abkhazia – Occitania 0-1
30/12/14  Occitania – Ellan Vannin 5-1