Sapmi FAFA Sápmi was established in March 2014. It’s the successor of the Sámi Football Association, which was founded in 2003 and played 3 VIVA World Cups (of which they one the first, in 2006).  The ConIFA World Fooball Cup 2014 was hosted by the Sapmi. The team ended 10th.

Lapland is a geographic region, divided between the states of Norway, Russia, Sweden and Finland. The Sami are official recognized as a minority group in the 3 Scandinavian countries.  There is currently a renaissance of Sami culture, with groups that perform traditional music, as well as youth groups that incorporate features of that music to more modern sounds.


F: FA Sapmi


02/06/14  Abkhazia – Sapmi 2-1
03/06/14  Occitania – Sapmi 1-0
05/06/14  Tamil Eelam – Sapmi 2-4
07/06/14  Sapmi – Nagorno Karabakh 1-5