The Padania Football Association is a new foundation and the first independent and overpolitical Football Association to promote football in the Pado Valley. From 2013 on Padania FA (PFA) helps people in the region to present themself in matches and international tournaments and tell the world about their rich history and culture. The team ended 5th in the ConIFA World Football Cup 2014. Their most famous player: Enoch Balotelli, the brother of Mario.

Padania is an alternative name for the Pado Valley in Northern Italy and consists by Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Liguria, Trentino, Vallée d’Aoste. The term Padania is the name of a proposed institutional region in the Po Valley and has been used since 1970 when the statesman Guido Fanti began to work on it.


F: Padania FA
T: @Padaniafa


01/06/14  Darfur United – Padania 0-20
03/06/14  South Ossetia – Padania 1-3
04/06/14  Padania – Countea De Nissa 1-2
05/06/14  Padania – Abkhazia 3-3 (4-2)
07/06/14  Padania – Kurdistan 1-1 (4-3)