heligolandThe Heligoland national team is managed by the only football club on the island of Heligoland: VfL Fosite Helgoland 1893. VfL Fosite was founded in 1893 (which means it is older than the German FA!), but never played in any league, nor any international matches. A couple of years ago the Cuba national team requested to play a friendly match against Heligoland. Unfortunately Cuba cancelled that match a couple of weeks before it should be played.

Heligoland is the only German deep sea island. From 1807 until 1890 the island used to belong to the United Kingdom. In 1890 it was “swapped” with Zanzibar and was ruled by Germany from that day on. Especially during the two World Wars it has been an important and strategically pivotal sea basis. The United Kingdom did also use the island to “get rid” of their bombs (after it was evacuated) and caused the biggest non-nuclear detonation ever by blasting up millions of bombs. This “Big Blast” changed the shape of Heligoland until today. Today Heligoland is officially a part of the “Pinneberg community”, which is a small community on the mainland. Nevertheless it enjoys a tax-exempt status. This, and the beauty and quietness of the island makes it a very touristic place visited by thousands of mainly Germans and Danish people a year.


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