Benedikt Fontana Cup

Parallel to the European Football Cup another CONIFA tournament will be played in the two Swiss cities of Domat/Ems and Chur, hosted by Raetia FA. The tournament is named after the Raetian 15th century hero and martyr Benedikt Fontana and will be played with 4 teams:
Host Raetia will meet Panjab, Chagos Islands and Felvidek.The tournament is sanctioned by CONIFA as a qualifier tournament for the World Football Cup 2016, which surely will be an extra motivation for all the competing teams to lift the trophy.

The matches will be played on the 19th and 20th of June in the Chur and Domat/Ems. The tournament will be a full knockout tournament with semi-finals on Saturday and the bronze match and final on the Sunday.