Arameans SuryoyeThe Football Association Arameans Suryoye (FAAS) was founded by Melke Alan, in Sweden, March 2008. Together with Jakob Alan, Jean El Khouri, Aram El Khoury and Habib Dilmac they took the first steps to realize their shared dream: a national team representing the Aramaic Syriac people. They first played in the VIVA World Cup in 2008, where they lost the final against Padania. In the ConIFA World Football Cup 2014 they won the bronze medal after winning against Kurdistan, Tamil Eelam, Occitania and South Ossetia.

The Arameans were a Northwest Semitic people who originated in what is now modern Syria (Biblical Aram) during the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The Aramaic people have lived at their traditional area in the Middle East “Aramea” since three thousand years. Aramaic is the only Semitic language in the world that has been used verbally and in writing without breaks for 3000 years. It is generally agreed that Jesus and his disciples primarily spoke Aramaic.


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01/06/14  Kurdistan – Arameans Suryoye 1-2
02/06/14  Tamil Eelam – Arameans Suryoye 0-2
04/06/14  Arameans Suryoye – Occitania 0-0 (7-6)
06/06/14  Arameans Suryoye – Ellan Vannin 1-4
08/06/14  South Ossetia – Arameans Suryoye 1-4